’90s ‘Mash is TOMORROW!

Quick list of things to know for tomorrow’s ride:

Meet at Kesey Square at 8pm to ride the standard route with an extension to Falling Sky in Midtown (the brewpub, not the deli). We’ll hit the science courtyard around 9, the pub 10ish.

The playlist is on Spotify. If you have the premium version of the app on your phone-ular device, you can download it and plug it into your beats pill or ghetto blaster’ tape deck adapter and press play at the same time as everybody else and it’ll sound really good! Also, if you have a regular ‘ol radio, there may be a certain FM frequency that will allow you to sync up as well…

Don’t forget that you’ll have more fun if you dress up. Use #moonlightmash on instagram and such if you’re vain enough to take a selfie.

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