Harvest Moon Hoedown photos and thank-yous!

Thanks to Pedal Power Music for an extra-ordinary spin on the usual safety announcement! Looking forward to the footage. Who was the best dressed? Judge for yourself below.

1779774_873680862657081_6823683896520939664_n 1972539_873680849323749_8115842709243931815_n 1969122_873680835990417_3989000981832005530_n 1911811_873680789323755_417192723444744164_n 10171299_873680762657091_3861171563525278149_n 10703592_873680732657094_886540065511335181_n 10003439_873680719323762_5397617012794116552_n 1910535_873680699323764_7880152704941265150_n 10511163_873680682657099_8466028700041305603_n 10455688_873680662657101_3361594976458154622_n 10447636_873680635990437_4509481067937671085_n 10310101_873680619323772_4744563305299764087_n 10152000_873680595990441_8430605963056885853_n 1384147_873680579323776_2823817947089364932_n

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