Ride farther, more often, at any speed.

What if there were a Moonlight Mash four days a week? Better still, what if there were enough riders and leaders that we could form three groups based on speed? We would all ride that much more, and riders could ride at their own pace without worrying about waiting up or catching up…

Sadly, the movement of celestial bodies is not predicted to change in a way which will allow this anytime soon. Until then, consider joining the Greater Eugene Area Riders for a ride under the light of the sun! Their diverse group leads rides several days a week at different paces, and you don’t need to be a member to ride along; just bring your bike, a helmet, and be prepared to fix a flat. 

If you really love to ride your bike, and you think that riding with a group makes it even more fun, check out their ride page and get out there!

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