Photos, playlist from April, looking forward to May the Fourth be With You.

What a great ride last week! So many of you were unfazed by the rain all day, that a strong, cohesive group left downtown when the rain stopped at precisely 7:46. Thanks for coming out, everybody; it was great riding with you. We’d like to make mention that this was a particularly cohesive ride, with the group sticking together really well, lots of costumes that integrated helmets, and of course everybody was very well illuminated. See for yourselves:

Here’s the playlist from the ride.

Continuing the sci-fi theme, next Moon’s ride is called May the Fourth be With You—and it’s actually on May 3rd. Making dates and wordplay work together is tough, so give us a little wiggle room, eh?

If you love the artwork from these two rides, click over to the CCC store to order up a fine T-shirt! These will only be made once, and orders close Friday. Choose to pick yours up at the next ‘Mash and save on delivery costs. The shirts feature the art, sans lettering and logos, on the front:

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