Funktastic Moonlight Mash and KWVA Birthday Bash!

Everybody’s favorite celebration of people on bicycles under the light of the full moon begins its fifth year with a big, funky bang!

Greetings, earthlings. I’m beaming in from far out to invite you on a funk-tastic journey through time and space on May 21st; the Moonlight Mash and KWVA Birthday Bash. Grab your bicycle, strap a boom box in your basket, and pedal over to Kesey Square at 7:30pm to embark on a musical journey from funk’s beginnings to today as we ride under the light of the full moon from downtown Eugene, over the river, and through campus to the historic WOW hall for a FREE show at 9pm when Alvin & the Chipfunks open for the funky sounds of Soul Vibrator. Visit or for more info, or just show up for the ride at 7:30 at Broadway and Willamette on May 21st.

That’s right, KWVA will be broadcasting our playlist, so any ‘Masher can tune in to 88.1fm and bump beats in sync with the boombakfiets! Visit your local second hand store, find a jambox, stock up on D-cells, bolt a basket to your handlebars, and put some ROCK in your ROLL!

Notice a few changes to the standard “short” route:

Two signature features will be missing: Due to construction, there will not be circles in the science courtyard near the end. At the midpoint, there will not be a stop underneath the freeway bridge. While this regrouping point had been a great way to take advantage of the bridge’s acoustics and fit in a dance break, it hasn’t been the same since the “dance floor” was filled in with boulders; further, the ride has grown to a point where starting again after this stop has made it more of a bottleneck than a regrouping point. Hopefully, riders will take advantage of the width of the path between VRC and McMenamins in order to pass/drop back to find their friends, or simy rely on the regrouping point at Alton Baker.

To make up for the lack of a dance party under the bridge, we’re having one at the WOW Hall instead! KWVA has secured the space, booked the bands, and paid for monitored valet bike parking. So we’ll just have to ride a little further before we boogie down.

More info on the KWVA event page.

The event is mirrored on our facebook as well.

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