Ride Long and Prosper: April 3

Space; the final frontier…These are the voyages of the starship Moonlight Mash. It’s ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and civilizations, to boldly go where no ride has gone before!

Moonlight Mash is a social celebration of people on bicycles, under the light of the full moon. This moon’s theme is the first in a two-part sci-go series. Remember this is a night ride alert riding, a hip vibe, and headlights are required. Taillights, helmets, and boom boxes are all good ways to earn bonus points.

Remember, this is not critical mass, this is not the ’80s; its Eugene in the new millennium! We are not anti-car; we are pro-bike! Act as a proud and responsible ambassador. Stop at red and yellow lights; even stop at green lights if you think you’re going to leave others behind. If you’re the first through a 4-way stop, stop! Wave a car or two through and wait for more riders to gather behind you, and ride through the intersection together as a group. Smile. Do not ride on the sidewalk or cross the middle of a two-way road. Wave! On a one-way road, leave one lane open for motor traffic. Ring your bell. Slow down at the front. Honk your horn. Speed up at the back. Howl at the moon. Signal turns and stops. Shout “Moonlight Mash!” Don’t weave or cut off other riders. Smile.

Ride farther, more often, at any speed.

What if there were a Moonlight Mash four days a week? Better still, what if there were enough riders and leaders that we could form three groups based on speed? We would all ride that much more, and riders could ride at their own pace without worrying about waiting up or catching up…

Sadly, the movement of celestial bodies is not predicted to change in a way which will allow this anytime soon. Until then, consider joining the Greater Eugene Area Riders for a ride under the light of the sun! Their diverse group leads rides several days a week at different paces, and you don’t need to be a member to ride along; just bring your bike, a helmet, and be prepared to fix a flat. 

If you really love to ride your bike, and you think that riding with a group makes it even more fun, check out their ride page and get out there!

‘Mash forward!

With the end of Daylight Savings Time, Spring is very much sprung, and we are looking forward to ‘Mashes to come! Thanks again to GEARs, the CCC, and all the riders for making Moonlight Mash such a success all winter long. 

Watch here or on Facebook for the themes for the upcoming moons. Next two rises are Friday, April 3 and Sunday, May 3. Here are a few photos from last moon’s Proletariat Mash. What will our fourth year bring?