Ugly Sweater ‘Mash, Fall Formal photos, and new friends!


Let’s get festive! In a non-denominational, un-fashionable, weather-appropriate way! This Friday at 5pm. Yes, there is a sporting event happening at the same time. Riders can RSVP on the facepage, as usual. Since it’ll probably be raining, we’ll switch to the short route. The long route will return around March or so.

Greater Eugene Area Riders

Greater Eugene Area Riders

In other news, we’re excited to announce a new friendship between the ‘Mash and GEARs! Thanks to GEARs, the ‘Mash will continue through the winter, we’ll print more fliers and post them in more places, and the ‘Mash will extend its efforts further into the realm of Eugene bicycle education and advocacy!

Finally, here are some photos from last moon’s ride:

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